Spring Peony | New Printable Wedding Invitations

Spring Peony Printable Wedding Invitations

These Spring Peony printable wedding invitations were definitely the most involved printable wedding invitations I’ve ever created- custom or template!

When I posted this peony pattern a few weeks ago, I got so many questions! “Did you do that?” “HOW did you do that?” “What programs do you use?” “Did you PAINT that?”… the list goes on :) It was so involved because I really wanted to use actual flowers that are in bloom in the springtime for this pattern. I’m absolutely in LOVE with this scabiosa flower (it’s the super strange looking white flower with the green dots in the middle, and the yellow stems). I gathered tons of inspiration for which flowers I wanted to use, and decided on: yellow tulips, peonies, scabiosa, and feverfew. I then had to sketch and paint each of them. Then scan, clean up, and make the repeating pattern…

This pattern is the result! Because the floral pattern was so highly custom, I also felt like this was one of my wedding suites that I had to also do hand done lettering for. So the titles at the top are all hand done by yours truly :)

Let me know what you think about these new printable wedding invitations!