FREE Halloween Printables!!!

Free Halloween Printable- Hey Boo Orange

Hey there!

I just added some FREE Halloween printables to the shop!

They’re free Halloween Printable Greeting Cards that come in:

The card has a cute ghost on it and says “Hey, boo.” Universal, so send it to anyone and everyone! I decided to leave the inside blank just for that very reason. Send your own message, whatever it may be : )

Also, while you’re searching around the shop, be sure to look at the Christmas Cards! They’re a dollar cheaper here than they are on Etsy- just for you! ; )

Thanks for staying updated and Happy Halloween!

One thought on “FREE Halloween Printables!!!

  1. Tota says:

    My students streatd complaining my classroom isn’t decorated like Halloween like other classes, but my kids don’t have time to make any, so I just printed them out and let them cut and glue on Monday! They carved Halloween rubber stamps and made a card each, so I thought it’s enough, but they want to decorate the classroom. I’ll print out the masks as well!!! That will make them quiet. Thanks for helping me all the time. Ah, I haven’t made the bookmarks. I should do that today, too. Teachers are hard. They don’t give me any free time, asking “Meguuumieeee, I’m done.” “What’s next?” “I’m bored.” I’m tired of hearing those, and at the same time happy to see they are eager to do something.

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