Caroline Fausel
Owner & Graphic Designer

Caroline has loved art since the early 90′s, beginning in the summertime with finger painting in shaving cream on a Fisher Price picnic table… Her early career included macaroni art and the middle school art award.

Her Graphic Design career started with her degree at the University of Georgia in Athens. Her senior exit show was the creation and complete branding for “devote,” a cost-conscious wedding planning company. She already had weddings on her mind! After graduation she got married (see Southern Weddings Magazine V5 or read the blog posts about it: Part 1 & Part 2) and moved to Savannah for her husband Chaz’s third and fourth years of medical school. Six weeks later they got pregnant, and seven months later had sweet baby Ella. (Yes, only seven. She was 10 weeks early, weighing 3 pounds & 5.8 ounces, and stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks). But now she is a healthy, smiley baby!

She worked for a Savannah WordPress design and development firm, where she learned a lot about web design and working with clients. After their daughter Ella was born, Caroline knew she needed to get her dream off the ground. And that’s where Caroline Fausel Paper Co. began. She mainly does custom wedding invitation suites, but is venturing into template wedding invitations to help drive costs down for budget-friendly brides.